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contrarymary: hello :) such a shame i'm not going to actually See You at the conference :( hope all ok with you and yours? xx Oct 8, 2014 23:20:53 GMT
Journeyman: Seems a bit quiet today. Are you all rearranging your dry wipe boards? :P Oct 17, 2014 16:48:47 GMT
contrarymary: i did scribble on the wall on flipchart :) but been getting ready for conference which is tomorrow... am typing this while i eat supper ran out of time earlier :( xx Oct 17, 2014 22:36:43 GMT
Journeyman: Bit late picking this one up , but how did it go in the end? Well and good I hope Oct 19, 2014 11:29:10 GMT
contrarymary: Well i think, Thank you for asking . I am alive, breathing in and out, and managed to get to the follow up stuff this morning without too many mishaps tho a bit tired and grumpy and held together by caffeine and sugar :( Oct 19, 2014 15:23:48 GMT
contrarymary: which is never a good thing. but DONE! think this requires an entry in the achievements thread. it is astonishing and i will now take some days to process all the events. and have a week of resting and being nice to myself :) Oct 19, 2014 15:25:27 GMT
Journeyman: Well that's good . And noticing what you say about processing is interesting for me. Whenever my wife asks me how events went for me, I can't tell her straight away. It requires a few days data assimilation before I can report back... Oct 20, 2014 8:14:05 GMT
Journeyman: ...and everything gets loaded into other longer term memory banks. Bizarre, but I've always been like that. I was always useless at listening comprehension at primary school although I once got a certificate out of sympathy I suspect! Oct 20, 2014 8:16:15 GMT
grim: I have spent all day at college reading about and answering questions regarding health and safety,risk assessments,safeguarding policies,and reporting procedures. Oct 20, 2014 20:51:09 GMT
grim: At one point i felt it necessary to walk out to the car park and scream loudly. It helped...that is all Oct 20, 2014 20:52:37 GMT
contrarymary: screaming is brilliant :D Oct 20, 2014 23:11:48 GMT
Journeyman: Screaming and welding. Primal instincts :D Oct 21, 2014 10:40:08 GMT
supine: So what's the female stance on welding? Does it have the same impact or is there an equivalent? (Don't say knitting!!) :P Oct 22, 2014 10:05:53 GMT
juliet: Why shouldn't welding be a female thing? Oct 22, 2014 21:59:28 GMT
supine: no reason at all, which is why I asked! :) Oct 23, 2014 7:37:51 GMT
tink: I like welding! :) Oct 23, 2014 20:59:28 GMT
Journeyman: Here's a battalion of women welders, good on 'em (click here) Oct 24, 2014 10:12:35 GMT
fuzzybee: I did welding once, I liked it. Oct 28, 2014 12:04:51 GMT
shiveringsky: I've never welded but I imagine I'd love it. Maybe as much as I loved cutting triangles out of absolutely everything when I was 7. My welding is poi-ing. Oct 28, 2014 16:46:33 GMT
shiveringsky: Samhain greetings one and all! Anyone embracing the spooky spirit today? Oct 31, 2014 11:48:39 GMT