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contrarymary: yesterday was a better day :) Today is also going to be a Better Day 8-) Jun 20, 2015 10:03:01 GMT
contrarymary: definitely better yesterday. Here goes today will be a Good Day... fingers crossed :) Jun 21, 2015 7:25:47 GMT
Bee: I've finally got the internet on a computer!! I can see the site fully! Look at all the things you can DO Look at the smiley faces 8D (rofl) P-) I love it!! Jun 26, 2015 12:27:57 GMT
chaoticwitch: feeling quite frustrated with the NHS at the moment O_o Jun 26, 2015 14:23:12 GMT
tessaract: Hey guys, anyone here going the alternative to meds route? Check out my thread on the subject and give me your opinion: http://aadduk.proboards.com/thread/9277/decided-meds?page=1&scrollTo=90392 Jun 29, 2015 16:27:54 GMT
vagueandrandom: 02hudsond As a new user, your post will take some time to appear. I'm sure that you'll get a lot of support, knowledge and understanding from the people here. It's not that bad . . there is help. . . most of us have been where you are now. Jul 2, 2015 9:34:32 GMT
chaoticwitch: Just wanna say, I'm loving today (rofl) Jul 4, 2015 11:51:10 GMT
vagueandrandom: can't stop zoning out O_o Jul 10, 2015 11:53:36 GMT
thehedgehog: if im impulsive does that mean i have combined and not purely innattentive ADD? Jul 10, 2015 14:56:04 GMT
tessaract: I wonder that too Jul 10, 2015 16:18:55 GMT
thunkpad: AFAIK, being impulsive is a trait across all ADHD types. I'm inattentive and impulsive. Jul 16, 2015 8:09:45 GMT
Bee: I was under the impression that impulsivity and hyperactivity were part of the same package.. Jul 21, 2015 3:23:34 GMT
Bee: I think it depends on how MUCH it affects you - I've been diagnosed with combined ADHD, but it was a close call.. I only just exhibited enough impulsive/hyperactive tendencies to qualify. The inattention was a no brainer! Jul 21, 2015 3:26:54 GMT *
bethmusician: Aaaaaaargh!!!!! (back from GP) sob Jul 29, 2015 14:44:38 GMT
bethmusician: "We don't really see it in adults" Jul 29, 2015 14:50:16 GMT
ajain: Guys, I started a thread regarding GP referral steps. Any help is very much appreciated! This website has helped me clear so many doubts!!! Jul 29, 2015 23:59:05 GMT
meyouandi999: its a bit of a postcode lottery, depends on your GP - try one and if it doesn't work go to a different GP and insist on a referral - do a lot of research before hand. You have to give evidence of how it affected you when young and now as an adult. Jul 30, 2015 19:25:34 GMT
greetalongtail: eons of presenting with symptoms to my GP...reading books & articles led me to get first appointment with psychiatrist who sid "you dont have it nor do you want to be labeled with it" ?? Yer or so later, grabbed bull by the horn & insisted on second Aug 1, 2015 7:01:02 GMT
greetalongtail: opinion (my keybord is plying up) & got brilliant specialist who knew that its not always bout non stop talking & climbing the walls @ 7. Aug 1, 2015 7:06:10 GMT
elbow: Bullet Journal rules Aug 2, 2015 22:21:22 GMT