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Rossall: Here's a link that actually works: Jun 16, 2022 19:21:27 GMT *
liveitproject: Hello, we're looking for participants to take part in a short survey - check the link Thanks! Jun 14, 2022 13:29:21 GMT
Rossall: Yes this site is a bit crap but there aren't many alternatives. I'm 51 and started on meds about a month ago (initially Xaggatin XL but now Delmosart). Seem to be working now. :) Jun 7, 2022 14:10:57 GMT *
pixiemum: Hi, as a newly diagnosed ADD sufferer at an advanced age, I was looking for a group to discuss, get advice and generally feel accepted. Am a little worried about what I have seen so far on here as there is so much advertising and spam posts. Jun 7, 2022 13:52:23 GMT
jrowe10: Females participants needed check the link! Jun 2, 2022 15:26:19 GMT
Rossall: Here's a link to the hello and welcome thread: May 8, 2022 11:49:16 GMT
stevekc: Hi I read Rossall's shout on introductions forum but apart from the Forum Staff's welcoming message I cannot find 'hello and welcome' thread... May 8, 2022 10:12:39 GMT
Rossall: Hello all, well, after hunting for it in several pharmacies have finally taken my first tablet of Xagittin XL 18mg. :) Haven't noticed any effects so far.. I'm hoping I can now stay off the booze and feel less frustrated with my life. May 3, 2022 14:27:01 GMT *
Rossall: If you click on the introductions forum and then click on the 'hello and welcome' thread then scroll to the bottom there is a box for your post. Then click 'post quick reply'. Apr 29, 2022 11:41:55 GMT *
leafy: Hi been looking around and not figured out how to do a post just to say hello, apart from on here? Apr 28, 2022 22:44:12 GMT
Rossall: Yea, I used to get into arguments and get banned on internet forums, mainly after I'd had a drink but I'm a lot more careful now. Try the A-Z expandable file I linked to though, it really helps you get organised. Apr 27, 2022 20:25:57 GMT *
leafy: less and less fond of going online except for music, on my last therapy session she recommended/ I look. I have it looks safe thanks Apr 27, 2022 20:21:28 GMT
leafy: Hi Rossall and thanks, staying off the drink is okish (aside when I got addicted to cough medicne.. some 7%!) massively dissorganised and getting much worse myself. Apr 27, 2022 20:18:55 GMT
easilydistracted: and another :) if there's any sense in the world then all the time they've saved with just doing phonecalls for established patients they'll be more able to see the new patients like yourself Apr 27, 2022 20:10:37 GMT
Rossall: I am now obsessively organised, have one of these: Apr 27, 2022 20:03:36 GMT
Rossall: Hi leafy, 8 months is a bit of a long time to wait after an assessment but hopefully it will come soon. There are lots of others in the same boat on here. A fellow alcoholic here. Well done for keeping off the booze. Apr 27, 2022 19:58:39 GMT *
leafy: i really want someone to understand me atm (aside from my dog) but don't understand or know what I want or articulate in Apr 27, 2022 18:59:53 GMT
leafy: hello, this is not a reply to the above but I suppose it is. I had assessment about ? 8 months ago, diagnosis to come I think, although don't know what that is. Bit of a mess, have been for ages (more so since rehab jan 2019 - not had drink since), Apr 27, 2022 18:57:35 GMT
Rossall: I think it varies by area. Once you've been diagnosed I wouldn't have thought the wait for the psychiatrist would be too long. I would guess it would be a case of weeks rather than months. Apr 22, 2022 12:37:33 GMT *
frankieadhd: Hey everyone! I was diagnosed this morning and was told the next step is a psychiatrist appointment for medication and forgot to ask how long it takes. Anyone have any idea? Apr 21, 2022 17:31:46 GMT *