State of Adult ADHD Services in Scotland

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Journeyman: That's great . I always love getting a major project ticked off! Feels good Apr 7, 2014 16:04:19 GMT *
Journeyman: Love this: "Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule" Cheers Herr Nietzsche Apr 7, 2014 17:40:55 GMT
fuzzywuzzy: woop woop you! 8-) Next = World Domination!?? ....or maybe just the next deadline :D Apr 7, 2014 22:27:53 GMT
contrarymary: thanks both. i think it's the next deadline, but i may give myself a teeny breather and a lie in 8-) Apr 8, 2014 7:29:44 GMT
Journeyman: Who else finds a track they adore and then plays it to death until utterly bored with it? It's like I suck the emotional juice out of something until there's nothing left :( Apr 9, 2014 14:03:46 GMT *
shapes: I do that. Apr 9, 2014 23:10:59 GMT
tristan: I have the same problem with women....... :) Apr 10, 2014 0:18:58 GMT
contrarymary: Yup (can you get a shorter name? - makes me reluctant to tag you!) i do the same with everything - meals, clothes, music, activities - it works/i love it, i do it again, and again, it becomes normal, it becomes stale, i hate it ::) Apr 10, 2014 7:00:36 GMT
Journeyman: I think Dave and co are the only ones that can change my tag name/username. I can only change my display name which I've shortened to Journeyman Apr 10, 2014 20:35:57 GMT *
contrarymary: woop woop @journeyman wonder if this works as a tag or if i have to go back to your old name? here goes... Apr 10, 2014 21:56:21 GMT
contrarymary: nope, need the old tag of . bums. but like the new name anyho :) Apr 10, 2014 21:56:43 GMT
fuzzywuzzy: .......have you been sunning yourself on a desert island somewhere?? 8-) :D Apr 10, 2014 22:56:28 GMT
ing3nium: I'M NEW HERE! Apr 12, 2014 17:46:29 GMT
planetdave: Welcome, oh noisy person :D And desert island? Yes, but it rained. Apr 12, 2014 18:27:20 GMT
ing3nium: Thanks.......ADHD inattentive type - cries. Apr 12, 2014 18:45:25 GMT
ing3nium: After a 5 years struggle, FINALLY!!! some relief Apr 12, 2014 18:46:11 GMT
ing3nium: Anyone like candies? Apr 12, 2014 18:53:44 GMT
ing3nium: I want chocolate. Apr 12, 2014 18:58:38 GMT
mushymushy: Hey guys Apr 18, 2014 16:39:57 GMT
contrarymary: hello :) Apr 18, 2014 18:10:32 GMT