Exploring experiences of taking ADHD medications as a child


Rossall: Come on ADDERS, let's get this forum buzzing again! Jan 14, 2024 13:31:50 GMT
goodtimeroller: have had some joy in employment but have done so many different things CV feels like a block May 3, 2023 13:30:55 GMT
goodtimeroller: so many things to do it's overwhelm, was trying to train to be a tax advisor (most people think I am saying taxi driver when I tell them) and have given up pretty much since I separated with my ex... I did think it was an out for me as my dad would trainme May 3, 2023 13:30:08 GMT
goodtimeroller: I am in a weird place. Separated from family. Living with folks. Only seeing kids once a week. Living off handouts. Have a posh girlfriend I cannot really keep up with financially who I am really falling for May 3, 2023 13:28:27 GMT
Rossall: They need to see their GP and try and get a referral. Feb 6, 2023 5:20:50 GMT
realisation: This is my first post. I believe a close relative of mine may have ADHD and I've never realised or understood the condition until I have started to look at the symptoms. I have joined because it would be good to hear opinions and experiences of others... Feb 3, 2023 13:50:04 GMT
realisation: Hi Feb 3, 2023 13:43:51 GMT
Rossall: Yes, not very busy though so don't be offended if nobody replies. Jan 31, 2023 15:25:56 GMT *
carlieann: is this like a live chat? Jan 31, 2023 12:14:25 GMT
carlieann: Hi all, im new Jan 31, 2023 12:14:13 GMT
Rossall: If you've got a smartphone post using that as it's less likely to be hidden by the forum Jan 23, 2023 14:20:44 GMT
lra: How can create a post please? Jan 23, 2023 9:33:03 GMT
samantha: Thanks Rossall, much appreciated! Jan 2, 2023 16:38:56 GMT
Rossall: Happy christmas all non spamming members.. Dec 26, 2022 17:42:05 GMT *
Rossall: Samantha, I've reposted your post so it shows. This forum tends to hide posts from new members.. Dec 17, 2022 22:28:05 GMT *
samantha: Hi richards92, I'm not sure why that's happening, I'll see if I can rectify but it might not be possible! If you are interested in learning more about the study I can email you details. Email me at 2601128W@student.gla.ac.uk Dec 13, 2022 19:51:28 GMT
richards92: Hi, 30 yo woman recently diagnosed with ADHD - completely lost. Came here for information on a women & ADHD page - blank page. SOS Dec 6, 2022 12:43:45 GMT
pascal4: hello Oct 8, 2022 0:22:53 GMT
Rossall: Yea, tell me about it.. Oct 4, 2022 9:32:57 GMT
Rossall: Busy on here isn't it.. ::) Sept 6, 2022 10:05:02 GMT
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